The Stick House Sanctuary


The Wildlife Watch Hotline is just cranking up for all of the calls about injured and orphaned wild animals that we will receive during the spring and summer.

Usually, our early spring calls come from the west and south, so not surprisingly, about mid-April, we had a call from a family in Las Cruces, NM, about a baby bird who was found on the ground in bad shape and unable to fly.   When the father and son returned home with the bird, they called Wildlife Watch.  We checked the areas around Las Cruces for a bird wildlife rehabilitator but, to our dismay, there weren’t any!  The closest wildlife rehabilitation center was in El Paso, Texas!

We then called our friend, Joe Miele, who lives in Las Cruces and asked if he knew of a rehabber there, and he confirmed that the closest one was in El Paso, TX,  about a 40-minute drive away. Joe enlisted Rebecca Stanger, his friend, and she drove the bird to The Stick House Sanctuary in El Paso, TX. 

The Sanctuary folks allowed Rebecca to take a photo of the bird and his new companion.  The bird Rebecca delivered is on the left.  You can see him snug as a bug in an adorable hat nest that a volunteer knits for the Santuary’s babies.

They identified the little bird as a mourning dove. It looks like he’ll make it!