Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does "FAQ" stand for?
A: "Frequently Asked Questions"

Q: How long has Wildlife Watch been in existence?
A: Wildlife Watch members have been active in preserving wildlife since 2004;  Wildlife Watch was incorporated in 2004.

Q: How many supporters do you have?
A: Approximately 15,000

Q: How can I stop deer from eating my flowers?   
A: There are exclusion devices that will keep deer from certain precious plantings.  Keep in mind that if you plant food that is attractive to deer, you are going to attract them.  Please see our catalog for a publication titled, How to Deer Proof Your Garden in Five Easy Steps.

Q: Doesn’t the government protect wildlife?
A: Occasionally, but mostly, no.
In Webster’s Dictionary, "protect” means to “cover or shield from that which would injure, destroy, or detrimentally affect”  But many government wildlife agencies only protect "game" during certain times of year (normally during breeding and rearing periods).  These government agencies "protect" certain wild animals in order to increase their own income -- the money they receive from selling hunting licenses.