About Wildlife Watch

Our mission is to help connect People, the Environment, and Wildlife.

The goal of Wildlife Watch is to protect individual wild animals and species via:

1. Education

We are happy to give presentations to organizations about helping wildlife; offer moderated forums to groups in conflict about wildlife; offer non-harmful, non-lethal solutions to wildlife "conflicts"; and give workshops related to wildlife watching. Our journal, The Wildlife Watch Binocular, covers all of these areas and more.

2. Political Awareness

We stay aware of how local, state, and federal legislation affects wildlife and inform our readers and public about how they can help.

3. Direct Aid

We aid numerous people each month through our Wildlife Watch Hotline and our growing wildlife rehabber referral list.

Wildlife Watch has a double meaning as reflected in our logo.

It is the individual human watching an individual "wild" animal, just as the individual "wild" animal watches the human. "Watch" from the human perspective means to protect - Wildlife Watch attempts to protect the individuals who comprise each species.