Scott van Zyl with lion trophy

This guy didn’t have a chance to enjoy his meal. He grabbed hold of one of the deadliest humans for his species (and many others) and exacted revenge. South African hunter Scott van Zyl not only trophy hunted animals by himself, he also took people on guided hunts to the tune of thousands of dollars, for the purpose of killing giraffes and elephants for about $9,000 USD and up. 

Sadly, three crocodiles suspected of killing van Zyl were all killed. The contents of their stomachs were examined and, sure enough, DNA tests confirmed that van Zyl had been lunch for one of them. 

While the sympathies of van Zyl’s family and friends no doubt rested with him (and Wildlife Watch takes no pleasure in anyone’s death), it’s important to realize that the crocodile above, who appears to be enjoying his day in the sun, faces extreme cruelty and exploitation. Not only are members of his species targets of hunters, but they are also raised on farms and skinned for the crocodile skin trade.  To read more about this hideous business, visit:

Sometimes what goes around comes around.

Unfortunately, van Zyl’s trophy hunting company continues to operate: