First Aid for Wild Animals

Following are some first aid techniques for wildlife; use them freely for your own education and at your own discretion and responsibility.

Helping Orphaned Wildlife

Feeding Song Birds

Feeding Waterfowl

Feeding Small Mammals

Feeding Rabbits

Feeding fawn (baby deer)

Feeding Deer

Open a Leghold Trap

Open a ConibearTrap


After giving first aid, be sure to release the animals to a rehabber so that they are taught self-sufficiency in the wild.

We thank Ingrid Ilkiw , Marilyn Leybra, and wildlife rehabilitators everywhere for all that they do for wildlife. We thank Ingrid especially for her willingness to share her day and her recipes.

Wildlife Watch welcomes your proven techniques and recipes. Please e-mail text to and send photos to POB 562, New Paltz, NY 12561. Although most of our calls are from several NY counties, we never know where the next call will come from, so if you would like to be on our wildlife expert list, please notify us.