LEE MATHESON sadly passed away January 13, 2017.  Lee was one of the most responsive and best wildlife rehabilitators in the Mid-Hudson Valley of NYS.

Lee never turned down a wild animal in need.  We first met Lee shortly after relocating to Ulster County, NY. We needed to find someone who knew how to help a fawn and someone recommended Lee Matheson.  Lee immediately took him, telling us he would be fine.

After that time, Lee took in so many more injured and orphaned animals. We always knew we could count on her.

Lee will be greatly missed by Wildlife Watch, and by the many people and animals she helped over the years.

Preston Friedman, a member of Wildlife Watch and a friend of Lee’s wrote:…”Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I thought you would want to know of the passing of a fine woman and great animal lover, Lee Matheson. I know that Lee is in paradise, where she rightly belongs.”

Wildlife Watch knows that, too!