While we at Wildlife Watch care about individual birds, their well-being, their relationships, their health, we can totally understand the thrill that so many have when they see a new or rare species of bird.

In an article titled:  A SINGLE BIRD CAUSED A $220,000 BOOST TO THE US ECONOMY by Ryan Mandelbaum in gizmodo.com, birding is called better than Pokémon Go because it’s real!

You can read all about it here.

Wildlife Watching is generous.  It allows everyone to share the same animal.   Best of all, when done respectfully, it doesn’t harm the animals or the environment.

But, if you don’t have time to traipse around the world looking for birds to view, one of the best magazines we’ve found is Birds & Blooms:   You can find them here:


Speaking of birding, there is no one who combines a love of birds with knowledge of their care more than Barry Kent MacKay.  Barry’s paintings are extraordinary. Here is just a peek. Sadly, our newsprint can not do justice to the paintings.

Barry also works politically in Canada for animal protection!

You can see more about Barry, his life, and art at: www.barrykentmackay.ca

Inca Terns © Barry Kent MacKay