One’s Too Few— How About Adopting Two!

By Anne Muller

Photo Credit: Anne Muller

Not only will you doubly be helping animals who need homes, but you’ll be providing quality of life for the guys you adopt!

My Mom used to say, “How would you feel?” and I’ve lived my life always asking that question.  Early on, I realized that as much as I love animals, I’d hate to be the only human animal among other species– forever.  A stuffed toy of a human wouldn’t satisfy me for more than 5 minutes.

With my Mom’s question in mind, I always had at least two of a species.  It allowed me to be guilt-free when I had to leave for the day, and it also taught me the deep bonding between animals, their interactions, and their deep grief over the loss of their companion. 

Starting in the middle of a long sequence of pairs of our precious dogs, we adopted Taco to be a friend for Suni, and when Suni passed away, we adopted Lulu (Louie) to be a companion for Taco, and when Taco passed away, we adopted Chico.  Chico and Louie loved each other in their own way.  Skipping over many of the wonderful moments they had with each other, while Louie was in her final hours Chico did not stop licking her face.  He knew she was going to die, and he stayed near her and continued to try to bring her back.  I left for a bit to let them be with each other when Chico let out a loud, prolonged  howl. I knew it was the moment of Louie’s death.  

Please double your adoptions, and by providing your companion a friend of his or her own species, it will exponentially increase the amazing joy and fascination that will be brought into your life as well.