Let’s Go Wildlife Watching

The Nyquist-Harcourt Wildlife Sanctuary

The Nyquist-Harcourt Wildlife Sanctuary is nestled in the historic district of New Paltz, NY.  If you are in the area, enjoy a visit to the sanctuary to get away from the maddening crowds during the summer. You will also learn a lot about New Paltz‘s Huguenot history when you further visit the area.

On their website, they describe aspects of the Sanctuary:

The flood plain forest is an especially rare ecosystem regionally that serves as a habitat and travel corridor for many animal species.

140 species of birds in and around the sanctuary have been observed over a 12-year period. 36 are on the Audubon list of birds of conservation concern in NY.

The sanctuary contains about half an oxbow, a complex of ponds and wetlands remaining from a tightly curved meander cutoff when the Wallkill River straightened its course.

This lovely sanctuary serves as a model and example of how land and wildlife can be protected right in the middle of otherwise busy areas.  It provides solace and enjoyment for those who wish to escape from the shops and restaurants and be with nature.

Visit: http://www.nyquistfdtn.org/nyquist-harcourt-wildlife.html