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Janet Kessler, a photographer and blogger, has documented and interpreted coyote life in San Francisco.  In her website: she advocates for tolerance and understanding of coyotes, and provides practical solutions for co-existing with this species.

Please visit her website to expand your knowledge of coyote behavior, reduce your fear, and keep your companion animals safe.


By Anne Muller

I’ve known about the Ginny Fund for at least 20 years, and had the honor of meeting Ginny at a presentation by Philip Gonzalez.  Philip was Ginny’s human companion who recognized her special talent. I remember how honored I felt when, during that packed lecture, Ginny meandered through the crowd, and then chose to sit by my side. She allowed me to curl the fur on her neck.  The  lecture was all about Ginny and her amazing work of rescuing special needs cats and dogs. 

After Ginny’s sad passing in 2005, Philip carried on Ginny’s work to rescue stray cats and dogs from the streets.  You can learn more about this wonderful organization by visiting: 

or her Facebook page

Anna Breytenbach communicates with wild animals:

Anna Breytenbach takes us on many journeys touching our hearts and souls, as well as touching the hearts and souls of the animals.

From sharks to baboons, her extraordinary communication with animals will leave you in awe.

Additionally, Ms. Breytenbach succeeds in communicating with our own species in order to engender compassion in us.

Please visit her website and watch her extraordinary super sense in action:  and watch her incredible videos on YouTube


According to CAARE, the need for improved methods of drug development is essential. The FDA describes the current process, which is based largely on animal testing, as “complicated, time-consuming and costly.” It is also extremely inhumane.

Only 5 in 5,000 compounds that enter early testing make it to human clinical trials, and only 1 of those 5 may be safe and effective enough to reach the market. 

To view the medical testing breakthroughs that replace the use of animals, please visit this website: Bob, please close the right justification