CNN reports that the Swiss government has banned throwing lobsters into boiling water while they are still conscious.  They also have banned keeping lobsters on ice while still alive.

That has been done based on studies that “suggest” lobsters are sentient with advanced nervous systems that “may” feel pain. [Those of us at Wildlife Watch KNOW that lobsters feel pain.] The painful solution? Knock them out first!

These changes in law are based on a series of experiments by Professor Robert Elwood, Emeritus Professor in Ecology, Evolution, Behavior and Environmental Economics at Queens University, Belfast.

Wildlife Watch reached out to Prof. Elwood, but has not yet heard back.  We have many questions and will report in the next issue if we do hear from him.

Recently, I was in a supermarket and witnessed a lobster reaching up to the worker who seemed to be playing with him by pulling at him with tongs.  The photo we chose here shows what the lobster looked like.   To me, he looked like a child asking to be helped, not realizing that he was asking for help from someone who regarded him merely as food.

Wildlife Watch believes that the best solution to cruelty is veganism, a plant-based diet.  Veganism alone would relieve much suffering of our wild land, water, and air animals.