Wildlife Rehabilitator Hotline

We will try our best to put you in touch with a wildlife rehabilitator who is local to your area.  Currently, our most covered areas are Eastern New York and New Jersey, but we will try to find help for you, wherever you call from.

For those interested in the details of Wildlife Rehabilitation, see our ongoing column "R.O.C.K.  - Rehabbers Offer Care & Kindness" in the Wildlife Watch Binocular, and check our First Aid for Wild Animals section.

As our funding for this service is limited, we don't yet staff this number full time, nor as of yet offer nationwide toll-free access.


Plan for National Toll-Free Coverage

We at Wildlife Watch look forward to expanding this program in terms of daily coverage, to more complete nationwide listings.  We welcome contacts from Wildlife Rehabilitators who would like to be listed in our database and also individuals, groups, foundations or corporations who would like to contribute funding towards helping wildlife through this project.


Wildlife Rehabilitator Hotline - A Project of Wildlife Watch