Can coyote or fox urine attract coyotes or foxes?   This is a question asked by gardeners who wish to repel wild animals who love their gardens as much as they do.

A supplier of coyote urine responded this way:

Coyote urine is commonly used as a scent to alert or repel nuisance wildlife like rabbit, squirrels, ground hogs or chipmunks. This urine is almost always collected from males and if female urine is used, any that are in heat are ignored and intentionally not used. For this reason, coyote urine will not attract other coyotes. In fact, it mostly has the other impact; urine in the wild serves as a “marker” or “territory border” designed to alert other coyotes to stay away. So, the use of coyote urine on your property will tend to repel nuisance coyote, small wildlife and even stray dogs or cats. It won’t much affect pets that live or reside on the land since they instinctively know this is “their land” but other animals from the neighborhood will probably tend to stay away from where it’s been applied.

While that sounds like good news for people who wish to repel chipmunks, groundhogs, etc., without attracting coyotes, Wildlife Watch’s concern is how the urine was obtained.

Photo by Jim Robertson

It turns out that the collection of urine is pretty brutal.  Please visit this website to learn the gory details and some tips on how to humanely garden.  This book will be of interest to you if your concern is for the welfare of the wildlife as well:

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