This photo was taken by a caller to our hotline who was seeking help for the baby who was clinging to her deceased mother.  It is one of the most moving photos we’ve ever seen.

With baby season upon us, and Covid-19 keeping people home and exploring the outside, our hotline has been ringing off the hook.

Finding a rehabilitator for raccoons, even babies, is extremely difficult as most rehabbers are overloaded as you can imagine.  Compounding the problem is that the DEC makes it very difficult with restrictions, and no monetary allowance for rescues, medical and feeding supplies, cleaning supplies, and enclosures that need to be constructed.  It’s only a true love of wildlife that keeps rehabbers rehabbing, and they have our utmost respect.  In fact, we at Wildlife Watch are in awe of their magnanimous work!      

Yet, this photo brought an immediate response, and the baby was given quick help thanks to the caller who transported him. 


There were two theories about what could have happened to the mother: She died of distemper or she died of poisoning.  In either case, the baby may have drunk her milk while she was still alive and would have also been affected.  Sadly, the baby passed within two days, but he was loved and cared for until the end by wildlife rehabilitators who will never forget him.  We hope he is reunited with his mother in a better place.