Reported by CNN, Alec Baldwin uses his fame once again to talk about what’s needed to reduce the impact of our meat-based diet.  The antidote?  Veggies.  It’s so simple. 

Alec states that animal-based foods take up more than ¾ of the world’s agricultural land. Per gram of protein, producing beef requires 20 times more land than producing beans.

He points out that environmental degradation and destruction is caused by “extractive industries – mining, logging, and oil and gas exploitation, but points out that THE SINGLE LARGEST DRIVER OF LAND CONVERSION THAT’S PUTTING PRESSURE ON THE PLANET IS ACTUALLY MUCH LESS SINISTER: FOOD!!

He states that a shift to a more plant-rich diet can help save the planet. 

And he asks, “Now what are YOU going to do about it?”




Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) wants the government to require meat distributors to put that notice on the food they send out to grocery stores!

The recommendation is tongue-in-cheek, but the group is serious about notification. The group represents 12,000 physicians whose mission includes promoting plant-based diets and ethical scientific research.

The truth is that animals are processed so quickly that it’s impossible to catch the fecal matter, which may or may not be visible.

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WORLD PEACE DIET by Dr. Will Tuttle is a book that’s not to be missed.  Please contact Dr. Tuttle to order and read about his many activities to spread the good effects of a plant-based diet. 

Please visit: www.worldpeacediet.com/  and you can contact Dr. Tuttle from that website.

Thanks to Humane Westchester for sending this encouraging news:

Pleasantville, a village in Westchester County, NY, is being true to its name by educating homeowners about how to live with coyotes, and how to recognize and avoid creating a dangerous situation.

The local government recognizes that residents need to keep pet food away from doors and not leave it outside.  They are fair in pointing out that coyotes are very seldom aggressive toward humans. There’s more to it, and the full article can be read here:


Wildlife Watch sees this approach as being evolutionary in that the knee-jerk reaction has been to immediately kill any coyote who ventures into a suburban area.


“Fearsome Fake Coyotes” Don’t Help Their Image. 

These fake coyotes are being used by the City of Newport Beach, CA, to keep sea lions from climbing aboard boats and docks at night, where they reportedly hold noisy parties. 

To prove the accusation, someone grabbed the photo below.

Apparently, when many sea lions climb aboard, the boat sinks, which doesn’t exactly thrill the owners.

Marilyn Leybra, a coyote devotee, was furious to see that coyotes are being further demonized - and in such a wierd seting.  She pointed out that coyotes are not natural predators of sea lions, but dogs could be.

A growling dog would be a more realistic deterrent.

A fake growling dog! How about it, Newport Beach?

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