Let’s Go Wildlife Watching GLACIER NATIONAL PARK

Photo courtesy of Robert Greenough (our desktop publisher)

Bob Greenough, is Wildlife Watch’s desktop publisher.  He and his wife are avid hikers and have travelled to beautiful places for years. When I asked his recommendation for a place to let our readers know about, he immediately said “Glacier National Park in Montana.” He said it was one of the best hiking experiences they’ve ever had.  Bob took many photos that I wish I could share with you, but the one here was the most striking.  You can see how thick a mountain goat’s winter coat is.  This  mountain goat is shedding as the weather warms up.  She must feel the way we do when we put our winter coats away in the spring. Also, you can see the adorable youngster called a “kid.”  Sound familiar? A female is called a “nanny” and a male is called a “billy.”  But to the kid, it’s mom and dad, thank you!

Not only is the wildlife awesome, but the views are breathtaking.  How’s this? But be careful!

Photo National Park Service (NPS)